How do I worship God? Can I praise his omnicience, omnipotence, or omnipresence? Even what little I can comprehend of these infinite attributes, can I adequately testify? Having no recollection of His glory or creations, how can I sing of His majesty with a fullness of heart? My attempts so far feel vain and foolish.

D&C 88:6-13

I feel closest to God when I am alone in nature — I hear the rustling leaves of the trees, and feel the fresh breeze on my face — those ancient emotions stirring within. I yearn to soar like a bird and share my song with the other creatures, and we together, renew the spirit of our verdant paradise. Yet even this is but a drop in the cosmic ocean.

I hope to one day join the choir of angels and praise God as the being I know and love, fully recognizing his influence in my life and leading me through progression. Even so, there is a far greater way of worshiping God: patterning my life according to the Savior’s example.