The Good Life – Part 1

What do I envision as “the good life”? That’s a hard question. In a perfect world, I suppose I would describe it as such:

The sunrise peaks through my window, casting it’s warm glow across my bed. I awaken to the sound of birds chirping as they snap seeds from the feeder outside. As my senses become more alert, I feel my wife resting comfortably against me under the blankets. I open my eyes and there she is, still sound asleep, the love of my life. I wonder what she’s dreaming about.

I snuggle her tighter, wrapping my arm around her waist. She instinctively pulls me in, humming with satisfaction. I want to lay with her forever, feeling the curves of her body pressed against mine, her soft breasts rising and falling with every breath, her skin like silk, and her eyes — I hope they open soon.

I hold her until she stirs. Her legs straighten, and she rolls over to face me. “Good morning, my love” I whisper. Her eyes open and my heart skips a beat. “Good morning indeed” she cooes, patting her hand between my legs. She giggles as I jolt from the unexpected sensation and smirk at her inuendo.”Let’s make it a great day” she grins. “Great days start with great breakfasts” I retort, sliding my hand between her legs, “and I think you’d make a wonderful appetizer.” We both burst with laughter.


After untangling ourselves from the sheets, she heads to the shower while I begin making breakfast. I hear her singing and remember all the reasons I married her — and all the reasons I love her even more today. She charms me like a Siren and strengthens me like a Valkyrie. It’s never ceases to awe me that she is mine completely — and heaven knows that I am entirely hers. She is my wise and beautiful Queen, and I am her powerful King.

A few thumps from upstairs and I know the kids are awake. Sure enough, they come tumbling down the stairs and rush to see what dad’s making in the kitchen. “What are we doing for school today, dad?” one of them asks. “After you kids finish your chores, mom will teach Algebra and I’ll cover events leading up to the American Revolution” I replied. “Is there going to be a reading assignment?” they whined. “You know there always is, and there’ll be a quiz on it tomorrow” I stated firmly. “But if you do well, we’ll play a reinactment” said a voice. Mother entered the kitchen, brushing her damp hair as she beamed at her children. They cheered with excitement, and began arguing over who would play George Washington.

After a family prayer to begin the day, I kiss my wife and kids before heading off to work the fields. There’s weeding and watering to be done, and some soil samples I need to analyze for pH and nutrient balance. I also need to repair one of the dining room chairs, so I visit the workshop for an hour. My eldest son joins me to learn some basic carpentry. He’s of age now, and I can trust him with power tools. I show him how the algebra his Mother teaches applies in measuring and cutting wood.

Mother helps the others harvest the orchard and collect eggs and milk from the farm animals (answering the littlest’s question of why milk only comes from “girl cows”). Afterwards, it’s time to practice their musical instruments. Today’s song is Yankee Doodle and Mother helps them understand its significance during the American Revolution. By early afternoon, we’re all back together for lunch and it’s time for school.


To be continued.