Thoughtful Meditation

It’s time I spoke from the heart. It’s been far too long . . . but what should I say?

If you could enter my soul . . . as though setting foot into a wobbly canoe . . . will you trust me to keep you balanced? Then let me paddle you through my lake of memories. I will guide you through the unknown. Strengthen yourself . . . there are sandbars that must be crossed.

Dear reader, we are but humble travelers in this vast cosmos. See the countless stars and imagine the worlds we’ve forgotten; the lives hidden inside us, whispering familiar truths and feelings — how a fragrant rose melts our hearts, or when a fiery sunset leaves us breathless — ancient energy reborn.

As I write these words, I listen to Chinese Traditional Music and feel myself spirited away to a distant garden — a dance of dragonflies, a reflective pool, the cool grass between my toes — and suddenly it’s real. Have I been here before?

We imagine differently. We dream differently.

Could it be that we are simply “remembering”?

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