My Return to Facebook

Over the years, I’ve unfollowed most of my Facebook friends. There were various reasons, but the most common was that I was jealous of their exciting lives. They made me feel disappointed in my own; that I was inadequate and didn’t deserve friends because I wasn’t more adventurous or wealthy to afford trips and vacations. And that thinking contributed to my depression.

I freely admit that my life hasn’t been too exciting these past years. I’ve been in school, worked at several jobs, and have been securing a solid financial foundation. In the process, I didn’t make too many friends or date a lot of people. But looking back, I realize the experiences I had were deep, rich, and taught me so much about how to love others. And more importantly, how to love myself.

And as I’ve come to love myself more, I’ve felt my jealously fall away. I count my blessings more than ever, and I trust and give thanks to God for the path he’s put me on. Now I seek to be a strength and friend to those around me, encouraging others to be their best selves and make the most of life.

So I’ve decided to follow my friends again and share in their joys, sorrows, and ponderings. I’ll post compliments and join in intelligent conversations. I’ll say “hi” and ask people how they’re doing and what’s new. I’ll offer myself as someone they can talk to if they’re ever feeling down or alone. And I might even invite them to hang out! Because finally now, I have the time and resources to have fun and go on adventures. After all, life isn’t just something to discuss and ponder. You’ve got to experience it.

So if you haven’t heard from me in years and are surprised to see me randomly comment on your Facebook post, don’t freak out. I’m just stepping outside my comfort zone and being friendly. So cheers! A little kindness is all it takes to make the world a brighter, happier place. I’m just doing my small part 🙂

Love ya,

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