Goal: Book of Mormon

It’s been a while since I’ve gone through the Book of Mormon. I still remember all of the stories and major points, but with everything I’ve learned over the last few years I think I’ll find a lot more buried knowledge. I’ve got a lot going on for the next couple months, so I’ll set it as a New Year’s goal.

I would also like to go through my old missionary Book of Mormon. Not the Spanish one, haha. But my English one has a TON of markings, and I’d like to review those. It was during my mission that I felt fully convinced that the Book of Mormon was true. I had a testimony beforehand, and I believed the truths that were inside. The real difference was that I was enduring the most intense suffering of my life, and I found relief and peace in reading the Book of Mormon. I felt the fruits of it firsthand.

….. I’ll share my mission story someday. It’s long, dark, and depressing. But the time will come when I will need to tell it. In full.


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